Irrigation Maintenance

Landscape irrigation uses up to 50% of the water provided by utilities. Poorly maintained irrigation systems means that much of the water never reaches it’s intended destination and is lost to run-off and evaporation.

Basic maintenance is required to ensure the effective operation of your existing irrigation system. Our team of technicians can maintain all system types with the highest standard of service. From year to year, your landscape needs may change; we review the design of your system in order to recommend enhancements that will ensure your irrigation system efficiently meets the needs of your lawn. CCI is a Florida State licensed irrigation contractor certified in Rainbird Maxicom and OSMAC Toro systems, and a member of FNGLA.

CCI offers service agreements for the following:

  • Check for proper valve operation
  • Check for proper water coverage, make adjustments as needed
  • Program irrigation controllers for the appropriate seasons
  • Check for leaking or damaged sprinkler heads, repair/replace as needed