About Commercial Companies, Inc.

Commercial Companies has been building Central Florida since 1999, providing clients with quality construction and
maintenance. This longevity is due to a number of company qualities, most notably our professional teams and
adherence to our purpose and core values.

The Commercial Companies's reputation for quality, service and satisfaction quickly spread, leading to contracts
with some of Florida's most prestigious companies, including Walt Disney Imagineering, The Villages, Orlando-
Orange County Expressway Authority, Walt Disney World and Florida Department of Transportation, to name a few.

Every facet of our business — the construction, maintenance and waste removal divisions — operates with integrity
and a daily eye towards our customers best interests.

Commercial Companies has built its reputation for excellence in difficult environments and demanding time constraints.
Our work in theme parks, hotels, and government agencies has prepared us to meet and exceed the expectations of the most
difficult projects. Through our experiences, we have found that the rigid requirements of amusement park environments, hotels and
government agencies have prepared us and honed our team to a higher level of excellence and performance. Our staff members are
treated and respected at a very high level with an eye towards their future with Commercial Companies, Inc.