Design Build

CCI offers complete turnkey single-source design build services from contract to competition. Design build creates a partnership with not only the owner but also with the major suppliers and sub contractors for the project. With these partnerships, communication is greatly improved. CCI’s approach to design build projects is to partner with the owner to design and construct the project in the shortest time possible, delivering a fair and reasonable price, and always meeting the client’s expectations.

CCI's Design Build Phases

1. Design Requirements

This begins the information and analyzing phase, to formulate a detailed “idea” that meets the owner’s needs. During this phase, a budget and rough milestone dates are set.

2. Conceptual Design

This is the brainstorming and conceptual phase, comprised of the creation and exploration of the intentions of an idea for the project. Rough sketches and drawings are created reflecting the client’s vision and needs.

3. Design Development

This is when the size, layout and site requirements are refined and infrastructure details are reviewed, plans, elevation and sections of the project are developed to streamline the construction process.

4. Construction Development

At this time, the design has been translated into technical language for the contractors and working blueprints and specifications are reviewed.

5. Bidding

By obtaining multiple bids per trade, we can then get a true idea of the cost of the work.