Certified Pesticide Management

CCI offers a wide range of services including weed and insect control. Our pesticide management system uses a combination of strategies to manage pest problems such as proper fertilizing, watering, lime and pesticide application if needed. The growing environmental consciousness and the use of pesticides are of major concern in protecting our lakes, streams and rivers. CCI shares these concerns. That is why we implement more environmentally-sound practices than some of our other competitors. Having a beautiful landscape can go hand-in-hand with protecting the natural environment. We are a Florida State Certified Pest Control operator adopting environmentally-sound lawn service programs that reduce leaching, runoff, erosion and maximize the benefits of pesticide management through water conservation, minimal use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and using "green" products and maintenance procedures.

Positively identifying the pest problem is the first step in implementing a pesticide maintenance program. Abiotic, or nonliving problems, are often mistakenly identified as pest problems; this frequently results in needless pesticide applications. For example, a fungal disease is mistaken for insect damage and an insecticide is used for control.

After the problem is diagnosed, information on the lifecycle of the pest, environmental conditions, and available control tactics are used to make the best decision on how to manage the pest problem.